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Catch up. · 12:48am Aug 22nd, 2012

Uh well, i know i have an obligation to finnish my two storys that were one here well one now...But iv lost a little bit of my creative juices and Am working on something small, nothing to be taken seriously. But im hoping it will get me into writing again.


How do i add? · 3:01am Jun 21st, 2012

How do i add stories to read it later box? also some serious shit went down and, even though nopony actually gives a damn i may or may not have to leave forever.


Oh snap..motivation. · 8:24pm May 25th, 2012

Well Even though Torn is down until future notice. ( once my editor has another go at it ). When it was up...I got one favorite, i know that's not much but its enough for me to keep it alive. So it think its fair to say the second chapter is halfway done, and ill put even more effort into making sure its grammatically correct the first time. All i have to do is defeat the infamous Flutershy block and i can start writing its other half.

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Hi · 3:01am Feb 17th, 2012

Well i made an account...Now what, i aint new to ponies just this site, was using DA to get my fill.