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Here We Go... · 6:29pm Apr 6th, 2019

So, opening episode of the final season.

I was kind of cringing from the plot summary that was released in advance, although it turned out much better than I'd expected. For most of the show, I felt that the plot had a rushed/perfunctory feel to it, but then somehow my perspective changed, and I saw it as stylized and formal. I enjoyed it more from that point onward.

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Black Beauty Characters · 4:57am Oct 21st, 2018

So, if the horses from Black Beauty had cutie marks, (or, as we called them back in the day, "brands", or "flank marks" in polite company, and if were just us Ponies, "ass art"), what would each character have?

Black Beauty - black gelding, half thoroughbred - I'm at a loss. Suggestions?

Rob Roy - black gelding, Beauty's older brother, half thoroughbred - Shield w/ Black MacGregor tartan pattern, almost certainly. Maybe crossed claymores, too.

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Empty Groups? · 6:22pm May 4th, 2018

So, looking at the New Groups list, and there are several groups created within the last few days that have no members whatsoever. I can see that happening perhaps with old, abandoned groups, but I'd expect a new group to have at least one member.

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Suddenly... · 6:37am Apr 23rd, 2018

Something delightful happened to me! Loganberry posted a thread asking for people's favourite female authors. https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/804577/favourite-female-ponyfic-authors I checked out a few of the recommendations, and found several that I liked, but most especially Chatoyance, who is entirely new to me, and whose "Caelum Conterrens Est" absolutely floored me. It's the sort of story I'd probably not have bothered to read just from the blurb, but having someone else recommend it

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Season Five · 2:31am Feb 13th, 2015

Okay, I'm officially excited about Season 5. Seriously so. CMC-Scootaloo on DeviantArt has a detailed and clear screen capture of the map, along with interpretations of what we might be seeing here.

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So, anyway... · 5:37pm Jul 29th, 2014

I need to get this off my chest. I've been terrible about not responding to people who've commented on and favourited my stories here. There's a reason for it, and while it doesn't excuse it, I do hope that if anyone was hurt or offended, knowing the reason might help make it better.

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