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I am a amateur at writing but hey that dont mean much I will still try my hardest to write stuff that will hopefully be good. I am open to criticism and will always try to reply to any queries.


Guess who's back · 12:22am Feb 12th, 2014

Yes that's right I'm back in black or at least something along those lines, my writing schedule will be back to normal so this week expect a chapter in Derpy's journey and next sierra 117 and so on and so forth. Ugh that to say the least was the most boring period of the year, basically I was doing my prelims (midterms for you Americans) and they demanded ninety percent of my attention, apart from that I've had another bout with insomnia, ten days this is killing me. I have also had to write a short story for my English folio to pass my final exam, that has been going well so far but according to my English teacher "It's to long" hahaha pun intended.

Anyway guys I'm back so expect to see my finished work on Sunday, after Sollace, Zepherno and some others proof read it to make sure my insomnia hasn't affected my writing all that much.

I hope 2014 has been treating you guys well thus far, also if your going to BUCK you may be able to find me there, hehe.

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