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A book from Twilight.
A power he never knew he had.
A chance with Rarity.
Looks like Spike's got all he ever wanted!
Until he discovers something isn't all perfect. Someone's after him! Why?
The answer... it's in his blood!

Chapters (5)

With Discord ruling the world for nearly two decades, many of the rebelling ponies have lost hope. Especially with the general 'Havoc' leading his armies. But what happens when the resisting ponies find a Discordian royalist running from the king's forces, with no recollection of his past?

Chapters (7)

Luna keeps feeling something...something dead and cold ever since she returned from being Nightmare Moon, she finally decides to investigate the feeling, with dissterous consequences!

Chapters (5)

Sombre Mood just moved to Ponyville, he's been put through hell and back at the hooves of his ex. What happened to them? Why does it hurt so much? Find out while he meets a certain pink pony who takes an interest in making him smile.
"Just smile, and all the bad things wash away with the rain!"

A story based from my own experience, only with ponies ;D

Chapters (5)

Ditzy has a lot of fun in Ponyville, especially with her daughter Dinky, but sometimes Someponies are mean to Ditzy and she thinks that's not nice, she doesn't like bullies!
A short story written in the mindset of Ponyville's, happiest mentaly handicapable pony!
Felt like giving this story a try, it's a risk with it's style of sounding like Ditzy's conciousnous but hopefully some of you enjoy it!

Chapters (1)

The mane 6 have grown up, found their special someponie's and had beautiful children. These children of the elements of harmony are far more special than they realise however. When an old evil comes to haunt the land once again, they must embark on their own adventure, Thor, Apple Seed, Archimedes, Sweetness, Ruby and Angelica are the elements of Salvation!

A huge thank you to Inoeitall for creating the picture for this story!

Chapters (29)

A few moments in life are vital, they can make or break how your relationship with another developes.
These are those few moments, that over the years lead up to the royal couple of Shining Armour and Princess Cadence

Chapters (4)

Fluttershy has a crush, but shes not sure how to show it, she's weak and helpless and he's so big and strong! When she needs a hoof with her groceries, he's more than willing to help! But lately whenever she thinks of him, she gets so darn nervous! Can rainbow help her build some confidence, to speak and possibly romance this big red stallion? (guessed who it is yet?)

Chapters (9)

My version of the origin of Discord the Draconequus. Disc and Tia were friends, secret lovers, and trusted companions for years. But when the topic of "ascension" Seems to be on everyponies tongue concerning Tia, Disc grows worried.
Kind regards to foxbrony777 who got me fired up for this story and kept on pushing me to get it done!

Chapters (8)
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