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Cutting back my writing · 3:30pm September 9th

For those who follow me, it can't have escaped anyone's notice that I've been doing a lot of writing lately. Barely a day has gone by this year when I haven't posted some new story or chapter update of some sort. As you can imagine, this takes a toll after a while, and I've finally reached a point where I'm simply burned out from all that writing. As such, I've decided that I will be doing considerably less of it from around now.

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Continuities condensed · 8:21pm May 28th

Recently, I have been contacted by one of the admins of this site, and they recommended to me that my three main continuities be condensed into multi-chapter stories from this point onwards. I have decided to indeed go through with this, and as such, all future entries into my established continuities will be presented as chapter updates rather that separate entries.

If there are those who wish to see these new anthology stories so they can get these updates, here are the links:

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Double-spacing in my stories · 1:15pm May 16th

Okay, a number of people have been commenting on this in recent months, and while I have answered it on one or two occasions, I still have people enquiring about it, so I'll post this blog here to explain matters, and with luck you'll all see it.

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The Young Six · 4:26am May 5th

My stories of Sandbar, Ocellus, Gallus, Silverstream, Smolder and Yona.

Guy Talk
From the Bushes
Get-Away for the Students
Meet the Family?

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New start to my EG continuity · 11:58am January 14th

Even though I like the first story in my EG continuity, "Of Rainbooms and Dazzlings", it always bugged me that I never established a more transitional story to set up that Sunset and the other girls are now friends with Adagio and her sisters. At first, I considered writing a sort of prequel story to fill that gap, only to then realise that, quite a while ago, I did have just such a story. "Not So Dazzling" (formerly titled "Faded Dazzlings") was exactly that, a story meant to show the

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The Night and Day Storyline · 8:21pm Feb 24th, 2017


My Equestria Girls Continuity · 8:54pm Apr 2nd, 2016

Okay, a few people have been asking for this, so here it is. The official order and continuity of my Rainbooms/Dazzlings/Shadowbolts storyline:

Not So Dazzling
After the Battle
Call of the Sea

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