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Jay David

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New start to my EG continuity · 11:58am January 14th

Even though I like the first story in my EG continuity, "Of Rainbooms and Dazzlings", it always bugged me that I never established a more transitional story to set up that Sunset and the other girls are now friends with Adagio and her sisters. At first, I considered writing a sort of prequel story to fill that gap, only to then realise that, quite a while ago, I did have just such a story. "Not So Dazzling" (formerly titled "Faded Dazzlings") was exactly that, a story meant to show the

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Thanks for the Fave!

Wow! Thanks for following me

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you’re following me. I’m honored! Thank you!

I love your writing, by the way. Super funny and very well-written!

Holy crap the only guy with anything close to the number of stories you've got posted is Evictus. Personally, as his former editor for the few stories that he actually sent at all, I'd have to say that you're probably gonna hold the most-stories title for years to come. :rainbowwild:

If you want to put your Wallflower Blush stories in a group dedicated to her go here

  • Viewing 405 - 409 of 409
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