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Just a guy from Britain who loves MLP.


Continuities condensed · 8:21pm May 28th

Recently, I have been contacted by one of the admins of this site, and they recommended to me that my three main continuities be condensed into multi-chapter stories from this point onwards. I have decided to indeed go through with this, and as such, all future entries into my established continuities will be presented as chapter updates rather that separate entries.

If there are those who wish to see these new anthology stories so they can get these updates, here are the links:

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I read Guy Talk a while ago and just noticed you had a sequel to it. Well, I just finished Asking now and I'd say you earned a follow! Great fics man ^^

2608658 Nice to meet you :twilightsmile:

Hey Jay, how are you doing? Fellow Brit here; been a fan of your work since I joined the fandom back in December 2015. Just saying hi.


Thank you so much for adding "My Office. NOW!" to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

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