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Jay David

Just a guy from Britain who loves MLP.


Writing again · 6:45pm Feb 28th, 2019

You know, it really is remarkable just how inspiration can strike you when you weren't expecting it.

I won't bore you all with the details of what I've been up to, but I recently had an encounter with a colleague of mine who, after a long discussion, basically sparked me off. I looked to them, seeing the passion with which they made what they made, and I remembered just how much it made me happy to make things of my own. Granted, they weren't fanfic writers, but the love was still there.

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Why do you think I've still been Following you even after you pulled the plug? :pinkiehappy:

2826805 Well then, watch this space :twilightsmile:

Well the reason I mentioned a potential reboot was as a way to write it without falling into whatever it was that you were using to write it before, but if you can somehow continue it as is while keeping yourself good, then sure, we can do that, and of course, I eagerly await the day.

2826798 I've given consideration to it recently, and I'll admit I've had my affection for it grow of late. Whether this will translate to me actually continuing it is unclear, but know that the option isn't completely off the table.

I know you came to dislike your reasons for writing it, but if I can just say, I really enjoyed Night & Day and I hope you can pick it back up someday, even if it's as a reboot.

  • Viewing 505 - 509 of 509
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