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Continuities condensed · 8:21pm May 28th

Recently, I have been contacted by one of the admins of this site, and they recommended to me that my three main continuities be condensed into multi-chapter stories from this point onwards. I have decided to indeed go through with this, and as such, all future entries into my established continuities will be presented as chapter updates rather that separate entries.

If there are those who wish to see these new anthology stories so they can get these updates, here are the links:

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2634152 It was written at a time when I was feeling bitter about the episode. I, like many fans, was upset about Twilight's transformation, so I decided to write a story to basically vent about it. But, as time has gone on, those feelings have pretty much gone, and I'm more than happy with her as an alicorn, and as such I no longer had any liking for those stories I wrote.

What made you decide to get rid of your Magical Mystery Cure stories? I rather liked those.

2632853 Well, I've seen it now, and I can safely say that I like it. As for how it'll affect the story, I'll admit right now that there's one particular idea I had for a future chapter that, given what I've learned in the new episode, I'll now have to change. But again, I don't intend to give too much away on that count.


Yeah, trying hard not to spoil it since it's the first Student Six episode that I really liked.

2632628 I have yet to see it myself, so we'll wait and see.

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