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Writing again · 6:45pm Feb 28th, 2019

You know, it really is remarkable just how inspiration can strike you when you weren't expecting it.

I won't bore you all with the details of what I've been up to, but I recently had an encounter with a colleague of mine who, after a long discussion, basically sparked me off. I looked to them, seeing the passion with which they made what they made, and I remembered just how much it made me happy to make things of my own. Granted, they weren't fanfic writers, but the love was still there.

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It’s in the Equestria Girls compilation story he wrote.

I seem to remember a story of yours that had to do with the alternate endings in the Text Support CYOA short. It involved the girls being confused over what Twilight and Timber REALLY did. It’s most likely in your Equestria Girls compilation story, but what’s the title?

i was wondering why you canceled Night and Day i found it to be a very good read did you run out of ideas not demanding you start writing it again it is always the writers choice to write or not just wondering why

I know right? I found a story of his "To study a Sentry" on DeviantArt, but I can't read it here. I need a password or something.

Ya know, posting stories that people can’t read doesn’t exactly seem like a smart decision , nor a productive use of time.

  • Viewing 521 - 525 of 525
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