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Cutting back my writing · 3:30pm September 9th

For those who follow me, it can't have escaped anyone's notice that I've been doing a lot of writing lately. Barely a day has gone by this year when I haven't posted some new story or chapter update of some sort. As you can imagine, this takes a toll after a while, and I've finally reached a point where I'm simply burned out from all that writing. As such, I've decided that I will be doing considerably less of it from around now.

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I didn’t watch those shorts, so I wouldn’tve known. But thanks for telling me.

2655266 Well, the only things we really know about the place is that it's a location that's presumably a close distance to both the sea (as shown in the summer shorts) and more forested regions (like in Legend of Everfree). So that could really be a whole bunch of places.


Not that I’m judging your choice, but I’ve always thought of having it in the US. In my story, “Catcher of Dreams,” I’ve placed it in Maine, though now im not so sure.

2654934 Actually, my headcanon was that it was actually taking place in Canada, not the USA.

In which state did you situate Canterlot in the Equestria Girls ‘verse?

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