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New start to my EG continuity · 11:58am January 14th

Even though I like the first story in my EG continuity, "Of Rainbooms and Dazzlings", it always bugged me that I never established a more transitional story to set up that Sunset and the other girls are now friends with Adagio and her sisters. At first, I considered writing a sort of prequel story to fill that gap, only to then realise that, quite a while ago, I did have just such a story. "Not So Dazzling" (formerly titled "Faded Dazzlings") was exactly that, a story meant to show the

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Congrats on another feature, Jay!

2558525 I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning, and so I got rid of a lot of old posts that I no longer cared to keep around.

Woah what happen to all your old blogposts?

Ah. Well, hopefully "History and Lore" will come back eventually - I know I enjoyed it and its main story, and am looking forward to more someday. (Along with the "Friends With Everybody" and "Night and Day" storylines. I have every fic from both of those series, plus The Journey and nine of your standalones, in my favorites.)

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

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