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Jay David

Just a guy from Britain who loves MLP.


Announcements and Confessions · 5:27pm Last Wednesday

Sometimes, when we spend enough time away from something, we come to realise things. Like our reasons for doing those things. We sometimes even come to understand that we were doing things for the wrong reasons. For bad reasons. For reasons that, quite frankly, weren't doing us any good. This is something I have come to understand myself, and as such, has led me to do some thinking. And that thinking has pointed me to one very important decision; Changes need to be made to

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Is is the fact that Comet was being rude to Ocellus?

2661801 Largely for the things that took place in its first chapter.

Quick question. Why is your Young Six story rated T?

I didn’t watch those shorts, so I wouldn’tve known. But thanks for telling me.

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