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Oh hey there! It's a long story about that but to sum up: I've been reading Imploding colons stories Austreoh, and I'm currently half way through Eljumbryo-whatever. You and a couple other people are in every comment section and I get kinda attached to you guys (after reading a chapter, can't wait to read what you guys reviewed or what not). I don't know if you guys are still commenting or stuff on the new books ( I think he updates like a chapter a day, but I don't know). I kinda feel sad that I doubt I'll ever catch up to you guys. I feel like I'm experiencing a party that's going on in the past, ya know? Anyway, I love the way you and everyone sometimes bicker and stuff in comments XD. Sorry if this sounds wierd but I do have a question, is everyone still reading the newer stuff by imploding? Like I know the series he has is planned to have like 10 books or something.

Thanks for the watch! Glad to be your first. Why'd you choose to do so, if I may ask?

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