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This story is a sequel to CoH (Book One) : Of Magic and Masquerades

After the chaotic debacle in the Crystal Empire, and a week's respite, Twilight secrets Sombra away to his new home in the Everfree Forest. The Castle of the Two Sisters is vacant, decrepit, dark. It's the perfect place to hide the former tyrant.

While she plans to continue her tutelage under her new friend, however, a metaphorical wrench is thrown into said plans when Ponyville makes a new and sudden addition to its town guard.

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"We were so used to them wreaking havoc and walking away from the most ridiculous wreckages that it was easy to forget they weren't invincible. Fate was a cruel mistress to take one of them from us at such a young age...

I was fortunate, but somepony close to me was not. It was hard for me to imagine the loss she felt. It was so difficult. I wish there was more I could have done to comfort her, but my attention was focused elsewhere. Sweetie Belle lost one of her closest friends and she needed me to guide her through the grief and chase away the occasional nightmare. I devoted so much of my time to her that I dared not acknowledge the plague of strange happenings that fell upon Ponyville soon after the accident.

I was such a foolish mare..."

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"Learning to trust your instincts is a valuable lesson to learn."

Mere months after the events of "A Canterlot Wedding," the memories of cold shoulders and dismissals remain fresh in Twilight Sparkle's mind, which causes her to question her ability to face the next task that Princess Celestia bestows upon her.

Alone, she must find a way to protect an entire empire. She's afraid and unprepared, but when a mysterious stallion lends a hoof to her success, she soon discovers a friendship that threatens to blossom into something much greater.

(6/9/2016): Made it to the "Featured" page again! You're so awesome, guys!

(( "Of Magic and Masquerades" is the first story in the Crucibles of Harmony series. It is an alternate take on "The Crystal Empire," with some alternate events from Season 3 and minor Twilight/Sombra shipping. ))

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