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Harmony is a strange thing. It is unique to everyone, it is not something that can be given or forced, and it cannot exist without chaos. Instead, it must be found through a personal journey fueled by the burning questions kindled from the flames of chaos. You cannot simply make someone harmonious, something Princess Luna knows all too well.

To many, it seemed as though the Elements of Harmony had simply used magic to purge the monster of Nightmare Moon from the sweet Princess Luna. Such a simple story, but how much do the ponies of Equestria, even Celestia and Luna, truly know about the inner workings of the Elements' ancient and powerful magic? What if their power dives deep into the unfathomable depths of a being's soul and mind that cannot be perceived by others... or what if they had never worked at all?

This is the full story, the truth, behind the events of Nightmare Moon's journey to find harmony. It's a tale that is astonishingly more intricate than what has been previously told, and it is most likely something more profound than most would ever dare to imagine.

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IMPORTANT: This story is undergoing various and extensive revisions of the previous chapters. Until they are complete and reviewed, all chapters will be unpublished. Estimated time until completion is no later than the end of August 2014.

The southern United States doesn't usually get what I would consider snow, my current residence of Arkansas included. Normally, the most the South ever gets are only dustings, small flurries that are so light you can't even have a good ol' fashioned snowball fight. So imagine my excitement when a blizzard strikes the state on Christmas day and absolutely buries the area in layers of heavy, wet snow, ideal for winter fun. It's the perfect Christmas gift!

Time to grab my friends, throw some snowballs, and build a snowman! Who knows? I may even decided to build myself a snowpony while I'm at it. Why waste a Christmas miracle....

NOTE: I started this story in late December shortly after the events that inspired it, but due to various delays, its publishing was postponed until recently. So if you're asking, "Why did you write this in the summer?" you now have your answer. Additionally, pictures of the actual Snowflake can be found HERE on my deviantART, and a special thanks to my friend Colton (AKA Dragmod) for the cover art commission.

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The prophecy of Nightmare Moon's return has been told from generation to generation. Many ponies came to regard it as nothing more than a mere legend. There was, however, a second prophecy. One that was not known amongst the common ponies of Equestria, for its meaning remained a mystery, even to Celestia.

"When night and day collide, peace will be restored, and the Spirits of Harmony will return true balance to Equestria."

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