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And Then There Were Ponies Lives · 3:23am Nov 1st, 2013

Thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth did you? Well I suppose I gave you good reason to think so. Regardless I do exist, and no I haven't given up on "And Then There Were Ponies." As for what I said about writing one shots... screw it. I've decided I'm not big on writing them. Writing something with a longer and more developed story is more up my alley, and hopefully more up yours too if you are at all a fan of mine.

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This won't make sense if you're not the person I'm thinking of. In that case, my apologies! :rainbowwild:

X? YetAnotherX?

Glad you have enjoyed Impressions enough to give it a favorite and keep me under scrutiny. Best bit is, its just starting to get to the real fun.

I hope you havn't quit I love your story and hope to see it grow. Please don't quit on the story or fluttershy will be sad. :fluttercry:

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