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JRPG's · 9:08am Dec 16th, 2012

So yeah i do know that i missed posting the chapter last week so i decided that i would make it up by doing two chapters in two weeks,it made sense to me, however i have been struck with a disease that many gamers know that i call "The Zone". Yeah it's a shitty excuse of not getting it done but i promise that there will be at least one Chapter done tomorrow! In case you were wondering what type of game has me so enthralled that i can barely get the work done it's a jrpg called Kanon. Let me

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What is to come · 10:40am Nov 27th, 2012

So the Story of J is my main focus right now only because the more i'm writing it the more excited i get and you should see me and my co-editor talk about it. So i just want you all to know that none of my stories are on hiatus or cancelled they are just at a standstill.I'm sorry to my other readers who actually like reading my other stories like Ebony and Ivory, The Rise of Discord, A Lost Entity or Faceless One. So if you can just bear with me while I try to get a pattern going for all my

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J · 8:43am Oct 23rd, 2012

Hmm i've finished writing it but what lurks at the corner's of my mind is whether or not i should start having little teasers to mess with you about the next chapter.hmmm what do my fellow readers and fans think? and also don't be afraid to criticize the writing i love advice and when you don't say anything gives me a false sense of you don't want to say anything because its that bad. Probably just me freaking out over nothing. So what should i do post unedited or wait for the edits?? Decisions

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Faceless One · 11:54am Sep 4th, 2012

I am currently working on new chapters for FO and trying to make them longer so while I am writing I give you a fun video the internet is for porn just something to pass the time while you wait and that I couldn't stop laughing at. Enjoy!

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Writing · 8:08am Aug 21st, 2012

I am slowly getting more and more stories done I promise you that I will keep at it. I have a lot planned and i hope that you will enjoy the stories as I have enjoyed writing them. Just to spoil it a little bit I do plan on linking some of the other stories together. It will get more intense as more chapters are written and i appreciate all who reads, tracks and favorites my stories. I realize I make errors so if you can please point them out to me I will correct them. Thank you for reading.

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Stories · 8:15pm Mar 18th, 2012

Hey guys thanks for all the support and I hope that you enjoy my stories. I've been pretty busy recently so posting stories have been pretty hard but I promise to put my whole heart into my stories and that I will put them up as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.

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