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Apparently, I write good clop... who knew... I didn't.


Wow. It's been so long xD · 2:52am Aug 19th, 2017

What's up guys,

I never thought I would be on here once more. To be honest, I'm kinda in a bad spot. I've essentially promised a friend that I would rewrite one of my stories and that means reading through my horrible stuff once more.

But don't worry... I think I have the story in mind. Well two, but let's not dwell on semantics.

Anyway, I'll see you guys around. Those that follow me still anyway!

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Thank you for the fave.

What ho, good scribe! Here I have with me a most paltry and innocuous offering to lay at the foot of thy magnificence. Please, take into thine possession this Watch, that I mayhaps be alerted of any news from thy multifarious exploits!


1250161 I know, right? Seems like nobody plays the best game ever..

I saw Armok and instantly faved and followed. It's nice to see a fellow fortress player here : D

Thanks for your conversion to Armokism, new slave. Praise Armok ☺~

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