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im just gonna kinda rant in here...i could just sit down and cry right now. i met this girl at work and she cute cool and just put me in a good mood. she told me she didnt have a boyfriend and i was even more in a good mood. but then im on facebook and i see something on her wall. a guy saying something about his "GF" and had her tagged in it. so being the human that i am i clicked on his profile and it says that theyve been together since january 28th, i met her a few nights ago...so im

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So, supposedly this is where the rest of 6 months, several eternities is supposed to show up here according to TheRainbowEffect, but that was almost a year ago. Was it removed? Is he lying? Is it actually complete on his page but hasn't called it such? Answers would be really helpful. Thanks!

317314 Well its because your story interests me and it was well done so therefore i faved them....in other words: You're welcome :D

WOAH! Thanks for all the faves and the watch!


thanks for the watch ^.^

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