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I'm a amateur writer hoping one day to write a successful fic


100 likes!! · 1:52pm Jul 6th, 2015

Wow I can't believe my story has reached 100 likes from only a few chapters it's really surprising to see that many like my story it kinda makes feel good inside knowing that people are enjoying my work thank you all for this, it may seem insignificant to some people, but this is pretty big for me and seeing it steadily grow is also encouraging for me to try to keep this fic alive, so that you can continue to read it.

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It is done!! · 2:09am May 8th, 2015

Well I have finally posted a new chapter to my story and i hope you guys will like it and I would of posted this sooner, but my Internet was down for days, so I couldn't post anything, but it has finally came back on and during that time I was working on the our chapter. I didn't really write much, but I have started on it none of the less and I'll try not to take as long with this one, but I'm not making any promises.

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Laziness · 9:55am Apr 26th, 2015

Sorry for not posting in awhile.....well a really long while, laziness pretty much kick in and I wasn't in the mood for writing and when I did started writing I ended up having writers block, so I just put it to the side. Today though I had inspiration to write and I finally managed to finish the other chapter and it should be up really soon so for those who were looking forward to reading a new chapter wait no longer!!

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Delays · 5:07am Jan 5th, 2015

I'm sorry for not posting a new chapter in a while some stuff had happen in my life and I was not in the mood to write any chapters for this month,so I was delaying it for a while, but thing are getting better and ideas are starting to flow through my head and right now I am working on the new chapter and it will be post pretty soon around this month.

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Some time · 1:41am Dec 8th, 2014

I was hoping to make a blog post when I get enough followers, but now seems like a good time to make one, so for awhile now I have been looking for job, so that I can make some money and hopefully save up to the point were I can move out of my parents house and get an apartment, because living with your parents can suck at times. After awhile I finally manage to get a job at construction and it's a pretty good even though you have to do a lot of physical work, but the pay is good none of the

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