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Applejack and Rainbow Dash had been married for a decade. Rainbow Dash being a Wonderbolt occupied most of her time. On the other side, Applejack’s life had been mainly static; wake up, eat breakfast with the family, work on the farm, then Rainbow Dash comes home, eat dinner, then bed. Rinse and repeat. Applejack felt something missing in her life. A child of her own.

Submission for AppleDash Contest #6 - Go Big or Go Home

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Diamond Tiara is feeling luck out in love and Spike wish to keep the void in his heart. Twilight is planning a singles' night to get all those singles in town in one room and become a matchmaker, despite Spike's discontent.

Will Diamond and Spike get along and hope to obtain what they long for?
And would a certain fashion unicorn come between them?

Chapters (6)