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Flare Mine

Hellllllllllllllllllo ponies!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for favoriting A Gentle Breeze of Change.

The story is being worked on with some new characters to support Summer Breeze, my main Protagonist. She has 3 sisters, named after the seasons (Autumn, Winter, and Spring). She's best friends with fellow Pegasi Soar Bolt and Aqua Splash, and they are working on heading to Iowa in time to meet the Mane 6 in the Five Score, Divided by 4 Storyline by Twisted Spectrum.

Thank you for faving Planes, Plans and Pony Music. :twilightsmile:

Updates will (hopefully) resume after Christmas. :twilightsheepish:

no but she helped me make it because im not really allowed to :twilightblush:

Ah. So this is a shared account?

796421 ... My friend did that.:twilightblush: So I haven't read any yet... ... ... ... ...

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