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Are any of my followers good at art? · 3:18pm Oct 19th, 2015

Hey! Its been over a year since I posted my last story. I know I said I was finished writing fics, but I'm back temporarily! :yay:
As I said before, I kind of lost interest in writing these stories and I also haven't been keeping up to date with season 5. However, I recently remembered these old fics and decided I'd write another one for old times' sake. Am I back for good? Will I be releasing a new story every couple of months like I used to? I'll let this gif answer that for you...

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Sorry, guys. I've just been extremely busy lately, and, to tell you the truth, writing fanfics has been the last thing I've been wanting to do in my free time. So, as for your question, it might be a really long time until anything gets published or it might be a few weeks. It really just depends on how I feel.

Yup, that's it. See ya guys around :eeyup:

When's the next story be out?

You're welcome :raritywink:

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