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Sango - Blazer Skies

Somewhat a returning writer, will be on this site on-off writing and doing other things. I change my profile picture pretty often because I have many sides to me.


What am I?

Well I am these things: INFJ, hobbyist story writer of MLP, music lover, Disney fanatic, Otaku, Marvel fanatic, and Reality Tv fan.

I also draw traditional or use to before real life kept me occupied.

RD is my favorite out of the Mane 6 because I resonate with her the most.

I'm bilingual, I speak English and Cantonese.

I listen to my music high. A song I felt like listening to that day will be on loop at mid-high volume.

I can write a little bit of a Chinese sentence, but I am still not very proficient at this :facehoof:.

I have a male pomeranian at home. Disregard: not an actual picture of the guy.


These are just some of my favorites that I wanted to put on my profile. You may have not noticed, but I reconstructed my user page. I got tired of my old layout and needed something fresh.


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Aww, if you're down in the dumps, never hesitate to come my way, lovely. 💖

I'll see to it that your spirits are raised.

Thanks, it's good to feel out of the dumps for once.:twilightsmile:

2872789 I’ve been doing somewhat okay here and there. Still have trouble controlling my emotions from time to time. Been busy with life.

Hello Sango, it sure has been a long time, huh? how's life treating ya at these trying times

  • Viewing 2,457 - 2,461 of 2,461
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