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Sango - Blazer Skies

My avatar is whatever-I-feel. In other words, I change it depending on my mood. I am a girl with an expressive personality and likes to do that with MLP characters in her writing.

This girl has the dragon zodiac sign (Chinese), and Virgo.

My Many Avatars


What am I?

Well I am these things: INFJ, hobbyist story writer of MLP, music lover, Disney fanatic, Otaku, Marvel fanatic, and Reality Tv fan.

I also draw traditional or use to before real life kept me occupied.

RD is my favorite out of the Mane 6 because I resonate with her the most.

I'm bilingual, I speak English and Cantonese.

I listen to my music high. A song I felt like listening to that day will be on loop at mid-high volume.

I can write a little bit of a Chinese sentence, but I am still not very proficient at this :facehoof:.

I have a male pomeranian at home. Disregard: not an actual picture of the guy.


These are just some of my favorites that I wanted to put on my profile. You may have not noticed, but I reconstructed my user page. I got tired of my old layout and needed something fresh.

My Random BoX

I like to write MLP: FIM stories fused with inspiration from my personal life, hobbies and significant childhood memories. Sometimes I even get inspired on the spot, depending on what I am doing in real life. Even certain songs inspire the titles for my stories.

At least some of the upcoming stories I will develop will have these three wonder bolts featured or mentioned. I know, sue me:rainbowwild: I am a Wonderbolt fanatic! AWESOME!

Meet Ironfire - Blazer Skies, Lightning is her nickname actually. This sketch is from 2017, but it's the most relevant image I have of her. She is a part-time wonder bolt, not active wonder bolt. Second cousins with Soarin and Wave Chill (Yes, they're related in my OCs noncanon story. They share the same great grandparents, dunno how many greats that is. Lol)


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Let me guess, college?
I’m still using fim here and there, mainly for writing. But I’ve been working full time too. I haven’t really talked to anybody in particular on this site.

Yeah haha. I've been pretty busy! But I'm doing good now. I had some free time and wanted to see how everyone on FimFiction was doing

Wait a sec, aren't you Gamer X originally? Lol, the G gave it away.
What have you been doing all these years?

I wanted to stop by to say hi to some old friends. I forgot my login info, so I ended up making a new account for the meanwhile


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