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I’m a gearhead/brony/young adult whose thought patterns rarely make sense. For some reason, the number felt right.

About Me

I'm a guy who's loved cars since he was a little kid and much later took a liking to FiM. It started out as just viewing images from various people on the 'net, but I wrote an FiM fanfic of myself sometime after finishing the original Fallout: Equestria, and things took off from there. My updating schedule is typically inconsistent because of random bouts of writer's block and temporary loss of interest, but I still try to see my stories get completed.

The atmosphere of my stories is also inconsistent, though less so than my updating schedule; I do like dark (or just darker) themed stories, but I admittedly am still a softy underneath, hence why I'll sometimes write fluff. Overall, I'm a mixed bag. Most of my stories don't have a cover image because I can't find fitting images on the Internet, and I either don't have the money to commission an artist, don't know how to pay one, don't know what I want to be in the image, don't know who accepts commissions, or don't know who can draw what I'd like; typically, it's all six of those reasons at once.

I'm also a gamer, and though most of the games I play are racing or at least auto-focused, I also currently play (and have in the past) played games in other genres, though car games are still my favorite, as well as what I'm best at.

Other stuff about me:

Current residence: U.S.A.
Current age: 19
Current job: unemployed :(
Job I'd like: auto mechanic
Favorite species: bat pony/thestral


Ramblings · 9:41am May 27th

Lengthy post about nothing in particular; just want to talk to anyone who decides to listen to this.

It’s also a window into what’s going through my mind’s background every moment I’m awake.

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Thanks for favoring Journey To Hearth's Warming. I'm glad you enjoyed it, if you interested, check out Letters To The Gods, it a side story for Journey To Hearth's Warming.

Thank you for adding my story, Ask Roseate Grimsbane to your Dark folder. I hope you enjoy reading the story. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for thinking my stories are funny. I feel exalted somewhat.

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