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Finishing Finished my master's in Biology in Washington State, job hunting now. I enjoy camping/hiking, tapletop RPGS, and being lazy. I also dabble in writing and drawing, among other things.

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After a stressful week at the boutique, Rarity decides to unwind at a local drinking establishment. Things quickly get out of hand.

"A gripping tale of mystery and intrigue!" - No one ever
"Love, laughter, tears. This story has it all!" - Don't quote me on that
"One of the seminal works of our generation. Truly a masterpiece." - Voice in my head
"You're adopted." - My mother
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*And it seems that there's already a reading by CaptainBron3y. Find it here. Thanks for the quick work, Cap!
*Another one by Stars of Night/Night Star.
*Seattle's Angels reviewed it. :twilightblush: (Awesome group, definitely worth checking out!)
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Inspired by otakuap's piece "Argument," used here with permission.
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((I'm so sorry.))

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You come home after working an unexpected graveyard shift at work, only to find that your bed has been occupied by a hungover DJ! Oh, and she's a talking horse. Shenanigans ensue.

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Yes, it's supposed to be yet another piece of the (for better or worse) massive "______ is in Your Bed" story trend that stemmed from Ocalhoun and Admiral Biscuit.

I have an idea for a second chapter that I might write if I'm bored someday, hence the incomplete tag. This was just a silly distraction for me, so it's not likely to be written for some time.

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Mysterious portals to a “First World” are appearing all around Equestria. Even worse, there are unknown creatures coming through! When it’s discovered that these creatures are immune to unicorn spells, Twilight comes up with a bold idea to harness earth pony magic to combat the menace. Applejack must take the first steps on a new path she never expected, which just might be the biggest challenge she’s faced yet.

Inspired by JinYaranda/InkyBeaker’s artwork On the Run, used here with his permission.

Featured on Equestria Daily!
This is pretty much my first work of fiction, so I greatly appreciate any and all feedback. Let me know what you think!

Might contain some incidental Dungeons & Dragons crossover elements, but not enough to warrant the tag, I think.
Rated Teen for mild violence and language.
This story made FIMFiction's Hot box on 12/24/14 -- I never expected such a response! Thanks everyone!! :pinkiehappy:
04/17/15 -- Wow, hot box again. Thanks guys!!
08/02/15 -- You guys are swell. :)
01/12/16 -- :pinkiehappy:

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