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They're coming out of the woodwork, Steve! · 3:38pm Apr 21st, 2014

Well, I have to say I never expected to have 9,000+ views on the stuff I wrote. Honestly I expected less that fifty. But by goodness, you people are all so awesome. Thank you all for taking the time to read my stuff, leave comments, click the favorite button, and even follow me. Every time I see a notification that says someone's been in my stories, it makes my day.

You're all beautiful and majestic creatures, and I hope you all stick around to read the story I have in the works.

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There is a light at the end of this lazy tunnel! · 12:47pm Apr 10th, 2014

My friends, rejoice! Education has loosened its vice grip on me and has allowed be some time to myself!

I'm also working on a story, and seeing as school's about to break for the spring, I'll be able to pour the proper amount of worktime into it. It should be done sometime soon, and I can only hope you'll all like reading it as much as I'm enjoying writing it!

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To everyone who follows me and has favorited my stories... · 1:49pm Feb 7th, 2014

...thank you all. I feel bad that I haven't run through all of your accounts and left you a little blurb. So I'm going to do it here. I am totally grateful that you all like what I've written enough to stick around for more. You brighten up my day a little bit every time I see a notification pop up telling me that someone has watched me or favorited my work.

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And for my next trick... · 1:42am Jan 27th, 2014

...I pull a long overdue chapter of A Beautiful Love out of my rear. Enjoy, you majestic motherfuckers.

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7,000 Views! · 1:47pm Jan 22nd, 2014

Just want to take the time to thank every single person who has spent the time to read through my crap. You've all managed to rocket me to seven thousand story views.

Thank you. All of you. I'll be sure to keep writing, so long as you'll all keep reading.

You all make me feel awesome. Thank you.

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On Curing Laziness. · 7:02pm Jan 21st, 2014

Okay, with the 7,000 view mark right around the bend for me, I'm thinking that I really need to get off my ass and DO something. I've been working on a lot of school projects and things, and haven't really had any creative juices flowing. And on top of that, my laziness is getting the best of me, and I'm STILL drudging through editing the last two chapters of A Beautiful Love.

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5,000 Views · 4:14am Dec 1st, 2013

Uhm.... Wow. That's.... That's a lot. Like... a lot.

You guys are freaking awesome. You make it worthwhile to keep posting horsewords. I promise I'll get off my lazy cheeks and post some more stuff for you wonderful bastards!!

On a side note, what causes all of you to read my stuff? Like, what about it do you like? Because, I'm gonna include a healthy dose of THAT next time!

Thank you all once again. You're the best, all of you.

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Ladies, Gentlemen, and all those in between... · 12:29am Nov 26th, 2013

...I give you the Interrobang!


You might ask, "This is a real thing‽"

Yes, yes it is.

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So, for those nerds out there... · 2:31am Nov 19th, 2013

...yeah I'm one too. A big one. Who plays YuGiOh!... and I just made a group for it. Soooo...

If you play YuGiOh!, you should come and join the group! It's kind of meant to be a place to bounce ideas off of one another, and just become better players. So, even if you are just starting, or not very good, come and join!


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Current Projects · 4:24am Nov 16th, 2013

Okay, so here's my progress on some stories that are in the works. I have devised a 5-stage system to describe their done-ness. It is as follows:
Stage 1: Conceptual - Ideas are floating around but little is written.
Stage 2: Headway Made - Some progress, maybe a page or two written.
Stage 3: About Halfway - Self explanatory, I would hope.
Stage 4: Just About Done - Once again, fairly self explanatory.
Stage 5: Laziness Stage - Done writing; editing to publishable form in progress.

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