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The batponies were a proud race of ponies. There colonies thrived, until they they were found by the ever expanding Equestrians. Royal Guard Sergeant Swift Night tells her daughter how four batpony colts traveled from their ruined village and how they became the first Lunar Guards and the batponies were saved.

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Crescent Sparkle, the son of a bookseller. He grew up in Canterlot with his parents and their bookstore. Starry Night or Star as her friends call her is the daughter of one of Cantetlot's noble families and she is predestined to marry into Royalty, but what happened when these two ponies meet and they fall for each other.

This is part of my 'SoarLight' series, but you do not need to read those to understand this story. It a stand alone fic about Twilight's parents.

Thanks to Celestia's Paladin for help in planning this story.
Also, thanks to WinterTwister for help in editing Chapter 1.

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A collection of stories that follow Soarin's life as he finds love and learns the true meaning of family and parenting.
These stories take place in the same universe as'Parenthood'

Unexpected Love: As a Wonderbolt, Soarin' could have any mare he wants, but he doesn't want just any mare. He wants a special mare. Twilight has never been interested in romance, and as she tells herself: 'The future of Equestria doesn't depend on me falling in love.' That all changes when she meets a certain Wonderbolt.

Love and Family: It has been months into Soarin' and Twilight's relationship, and everyday Soarin' finds himself loving her more and more, but dating a Wonderbolt has a cost. It means missed dates and late dinners, and now Soarin' can't help but feel that his absence is slowly breaking Twilight's heart. Will he be able to show Twilight his undying love for her and will he be able to convince Twilight's father to trust him?

To be a Parent: Soarin' had been married to Twilight for almost a year now. He is now living in the Library with Twilight and he hasn't been happier. Until one day they find out that there is going be an addition to the family and they were going to be a parents. Leaving Twilight wondering if she is ready to be a mother and if Soarin' is ready to be a father. With the help and their friends and family, a library of books, and the knowledge that they love their foals they start the journey of parenting.

What Makes a Parent: What does it mean to be a Mother? A father? Is it simply raising a foal or something more? Is loving a foal enough to be a good parent? Soarin' and Twilight ask themselves these questions. When Soarin' is confronted by his past; is he ready face it? And can he forgive, or are there offences that are unforgivable?

Cover Art by: Twilove

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Twilight and Soarin' have been married for year. Now that they are going to be having their first foal; Soarin' is confronted by his past. Will Twilight be able to help Soarin' move on from his foalhood problems and be the father he wants to be.

Cover Art by: TwinkieSpy

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Soarin's life is perfect, that is until he meets a certain Rainbow maned mare. As he begins this journey called love he must ask: Is she worth it?

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It is Hearts and Hooves Day and no matter what he does Soarin' feels empty inside. That is until a certain mare shows up at his door.

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