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How was your Hearts and Hoofs Day? · 12:13am Feb 15th, 2014

Hi, guys!

I just wanted to know how you guys spent your Valentine's Day or Hearts and Hoofs Day.
Personally, mine was brilliant, me and my girlfriend spent the day together and she gave me the most adorable card with Sweetie Belle and Button Mash on it.
(We see ourselves as a lot like them.)

Also I'm working on a short little story involving Scootaloo... I could say more but I don't want to ruin it.

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And it looks the most interesting:ajsmug:!

790729 I have 3. If you plan to read any, read End of time, one of my more recent, and less confusing ones.

790727 Thanks, I had a quick flick through your stories and I'm planning to read some of them.

Thanks for the watch back.
Hope you enjoy my stuff, and I'll help you out with your stuff if needed.

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