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We are a brother and sister writing team. Both of us love My Little Pony, and the various fics that are on this site.

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Hey guys. If you are interested in hearing some of our stories read to you by the authors, then look no further. All you have to do is click Here

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If you choose to support us, my sister and I shall be eternally grateful.


Wow · 1:49am Oct 29th, 2017

I'm a little late getting this out here, but I can't believe me and my little sis have been on this site for 4 years now. It has indeed been fun:twilightsmile:, but it does not seem like it's been that long.

BTW cat is at a pony con in Kansas City. Wish I was there but I have to work. :fluttershysad:

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Hello fellow bronies. We are irish_cat, a brother and sister writing team. Since we are sharing the same account we are talking in the third person a.k.a the royal we, to represent the both of us. We are not Luna, although that would be sweet.

Hail to the King

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I'll check that out.:twilightsmile:

Hey, the "Three Rednecks" stories were good enough for a chuckle, but how about something along the lines of "Vicodinland"? (Seriously, I'm always on the floor breathless with that skit. :rainbowlaugh: )

Oh yeah, we've been collecting the MLP comics.

ok, and have you read the mlp comic? because I am going to use Skaven Warlock Engineer for that

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