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Ribe of Phoenix

A misfit muppet and aspiring punk rock musician. PS: Buy a creator a coffee to keep him awake? https://ko-fi.com/firerain

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What's new, dear master?

Welcome to The Brethren!

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Greetings, Dear Brethren!

My name is FireRain, and I write literally anything and everything and I also do narrations of stories of various authors on my channel over on YouTube! I mostly read a mix of sad and cute stories and dark and grim stories. Or basically anything that leaves your heart melting.

If you wish to commission me for any such work, please PM me and I'll invoice you. But first, please take the time to skim through the Terms and Conditions of Requesting Commissions.

On a final note, let your arguments about me forever rest on this one fact that shall not be dissuaded to me: :yay::yay::yay: Fluttershy is best pony! :yay::yay::yay:

My Quotes

You can rest when you're dead and buried, but as for me, I say I'm already dead but I'm still going and I dream of sleep.

Now ain't the time for fear, but rather the time to shed a tear of remembrance. Because, really, in the future, every memory made worthwhile still exists, so while you live and breathe, hold all you know dear. It's worth it to know that the legacy of the lost lives on.

Poetry - it's like a disease to me. Reasoning: I may not like it, but I'm good at it, according to some people. Oh, please don't let me be...

Believe me, fruit cake, I bite hard. Very.

All I want is to bring happiness and joy to as many people as possible in both the time that I'm alive and after. That's literally all I want. People don't deserve to be sad and miserable, and they won't be as long as I'm around to ensure that they aren't with what I'm doing as a writer. I can only do my best.


Wanna hear some of my original riffs? · 1:19am 14 hours ago

Anybody wanna hear some of my guitar riffs? Now my first guitar is back in one piece and properly set up, I can demo some of my songs to you!

What do ya say? Wanna give 'em a listen?

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Thanks for adding Pony-Cola to your favourites!

Thanks for adding Forever Loved to your favorites!

2902110 Thank you although my editor is the whole reason the story is better. I only hope I don't disappoint:heart:


You're very welcome! :pinkiehappy: You earned it through Truth Over Dare. I'm not particularly one to read Rarity and Sweetie Belle stories, but this one was a pretty sweet read and very well executed. You've got a very good pen for detail and fantastic writing, and I don't say that often, much less like stories as much as I probably should. :ajsmug: I think you've got a promising future here as a writer. :pinkiesmile::yay:

  • Viewing 106 - 110 of 110
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