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Seriously, you can call it affection, or fondness, or weakness, or anything else, but it's still love. It might be keeping you strong, it might be what you think is holding you back, it might very well be the only thing that's keeping you from strangling this knucklehead who won't admit she needs your help, but it's still love.

I plan on tossing up a chapter as they are finished. There's no story arc connecting these; they're more just character studies.

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We often remember our childhoods as times full of carefree fun. But it's easy to forget that it isn't always easy being a kid. Sometimes, growing up can be really hard.

A collection of stories from each of the Mane Six's childhoods, set several months after gaining their cutie marks.

Also, BIG THANKS to camlmn106 (a.k.a FreeqAxel) for helping me edit this thing. A brohoof to you, good sir.

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