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hailstone clash

Am looking for stories to edit, and I am currently editing for the author Ponyess. I will be willing to edit your stories TOO!!!

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1689987 Then write the story? So long as they are consistenty pupets.

1689904 yea...i guess... tho now i cant stop thinking about the harry potter puppet pals being ponified... its just wrong...imma do it!!! AND NOPONY IS GONNA STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1689526 A filler Episode is just empty, not particularly bad and wrong?

Imagine an Episode of MLP, where they are all poorly created Puppets?

1688543 I think thats how everypony feels about a couple episodes, tho i just think that they were filler episodes.

  • Viewing 41 - 45 of 45
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