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Hi to keep it short I like to read. My oc name is Cloud Runner thats about it.

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Make no mistake here. This is a story of short stories. It ranges from sad-comedy-cute-dark. But will not do clop. I do take request for ideas. So feel free to ask.

A.N.: Updates are very random depending on when I feel like writing and criticism is welcome.

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Twilight messed up a spell again. And you can be sure it will be funny. She has disobedience like there is no tomorrow! She turns into a teen again. Well not exactly her mind set.

AN: is meant to be some what OOC. And random as ever. Well maybe not as random... but still is!

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Twilight and Luna become foals. Dark tag due to the actions of the characters of the story.
On hiatus because of life. Its been years still trying to find time. Sorry.
Editor/co-writer: StarFall13
Co-writer:Autum Breeze

Give a big thanks to them.

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This is a story of Twilight`s childhood with Shining and Cadence shows up. This is my first story. So please be nice and criticism is welcomed.

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