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It's only natural for living creatures to fight for themselves. But what makes us human is that we fight for others. But who do you fight for? How hard will you fight? That is what a life is worth...


GG WP NO RE · 8:03pm Nov 14th, 2014

Well, the bad news came in today. The data on my hard drive is not salvageable.

So, no fics for a while! At least all this shit is covered by the warranty...

As soon as my computer gets back, I'm going to install Linux... Or just upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 7.

Welp, I guess you won't be seeing fics from me for a while...

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The music I listen to while I write.

Imagine every sad and depressing song ever.
That's my playlist...
That's my life.

Because Achievements are for real life too... AND QUOTES! QUOTES EVERYWHERE!

(V) Get 1,000 Story Views.
(V) Get 2,000 Story Views
(V) Get 5,000 Story Views
(V) Get 10,000 Story Views
() Get 20,000 Story Views
(V) Obtain 10 Followers
(V) Obtain 20 Followers
(V) Obtain 50 Followers
() Obtain 100 Followers
() Obtain 150 Followers
() Obtain 200 Followers
() Obtain 250 Followers
() Obtain 300 Followers
() Obtain 500 Followers
() Obtain 1,000 Followers
(V) Write 100,000 Words
(V) Write 200, 000 Words
(V) Write 1,000,000 Words
(V) Complete A Story
(V) Write 5 Stories
(V) Write 10 Stories
() Write 20 Stories
() Write 50 Stories
() Get Featured
(V) Be part of a collab
(V) Be part of another collab
() Travel to Equestria
(V) Survive one omen-filled year of writing fanfictions
() Survive two terrible years of writing fanfictions
() Survive three thrilling years of fanfiction writing
() Publish a novel. FOR REAL
() Do a dramatic reading of my own or another story
() Do a barrel roll
() Re-enact an entire movie by myself
(V) Create a game

"I think... pretzels!" -My friend when I asked him what he thought.
"As a wise man once said... Don't wear tampons if you're a boy!" -Pewdiepie
"'You're mad!' 'Thank goodness for that, 'cause if I wasn't, this would never work.'" -Jack Sparrow and Cutler Becket.
"Hadouken!" -Ryu
"OBJECTION!" -Phoenix Wright. (I always use this when I prove people wrong.)
"And we still won't have Chapter 4!" -My friend when he wants me to hurry up with Polar Opposites, Chapter 4.
"Embrace your dreams." -Angeal and Zack from Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core.
"There's a second paragraph?!" -My friend when he realised there was a second paragraph.
"Take it away Ming Ming!" -My friend's reaction to when a Pinkie Pie party won't cheer up Applebloom.
"MmmmmMMMmmph" -The Pyro, on just about anything.
*gasp* -Fluffle Puff
"Hey, at least get off Assassin's Creed 4 once in a while!" "Hey! I've got GTA V as well! I'll be busy over study break!" -Me talking to one of my one of my over-achieving friends who simply doesn't give a damm anymore.
"Back to the day after tomorrow when the war began." -My friend... 'nuff said.
"Books! Y U NO HAVE CRTL+F!" -My friend, who can't separate real life from the computer world.
"Foolish fool who foolishly dreams of foolish dreams..." -Franziska Von Karma

Ok... listen

If we are all playing 'The Game' right now, how do the people who don't know about the game, play the game?
I am coining this little dilemma as Schrodinger's Game.

*In questioning this, I have just caused a rip in space and time, therefore causing the destruction of our world*
*Also, If you read this, you have just lost 'The Game'*

These stories are my newest!

My many reactions to things.

When I'm in Colorado

When I spot a very obvious error in my own work.

When I say, or do, anything completely stupid.

When I'm adorable.

To most clopfics.

When someone comments and likes and favs my story, but doesn't bother to follow me.

When I don't see any comments on my story for 10 minutes, then I get one.

When I can't believe what I saw.

When it's so fluffy

When I post a new story, then I go to sleep and it has amassed a s@#$ load of likes, comments or favourites.

If I can't think up a good fanfic idea... ILL STEAL A GOOD FANFIC IDEA!

When I upvote a story. (I never downvote.)

To any one who follows me


When I'm not writing stories

What conversations with girls are like



What conversations with my friends are like

When I think about what I have done with my stories today

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955976 best game ive ever played in the mystery genre of gaming ever

1122639 Sure. I'll put it on my Read Later list

Comment posted by AceCombat101fan deleted May 1st, 2014

955979 I did.
I was surprised.

955976 watch the entire video and be surprised

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