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Happy Birthday To Me · 5:28pm Aug 17th, 2014

This is my obvious blog post asking for attention, feel free to give it. :)

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Response to City Paper Article · 4:29pm Aug 5th, 2014

Those of you who frequent Equestria Daily have surely seen the post on a rather inflammatory news article published about the recent Balimore BronyCon. If not, here it is.



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Mega Mare Rejected One Last Time · 10:28pm Jul 25th, 2014

After wrapping up Mega Mare, I went over it and revised it one last time, running the entire fic through a spellchecker and re-reading each chapter and making revisions before sending it off to Equestria Daily in one final attempt. As the blog title might have spoiled, it was turned down. I miss the pre-readers at this point because I'm not sure why, but so it goes. I can only do so much proofreading on my own, at this point I'm really sick of the story having looked it over the same passages

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100 Followers, Mega Mare, And Other Thoughts · 1:03am Jun 6th, 2014

I'd like to begin this post by denoting my bemusement, seemingly someone ran through my stories and downvoted all of them. I'm not offended or upset, I'm just wondering if it was a troll or if someone actually dislikes all my stories. Though I wish downvoters would leave comments explaining what they disliked, I'm a big boy, as long as the comment is mature I'll be the same in kind.

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Seeking Proofreader · 11:11pm May 16th, 2014

Hello everyone. My efforts to find one by approaching the assorted review groups here never much panned out, so I'm asking anyone who may be interested at all if they'd be willing to be my proof reader. I'd want someone who can look over new chapters of my continuing works and new one-shots before I make them public, and catch any spelling and grammar errors and bring them to my attention. Feedback on the story's creative aspects would also be appreciated, but is not a necessity. Ideally, I'd

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A Great and Powerful Legacy Dramatic Reading · 12:39pm Mar 31st, 2014

Goombasa has done a dramatic reading of A Great and Powerful Legacy. Have a listen.

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Thank You Everypony · 6:09pm Mar 14th, 2014

I'd like to thank all the readers who got A Great And Powerful Legacy featured on the front page for several days in a row. It's died down now, but the response was overwhelming, I've been writing fanfiction for a decade now and have never had such a response in just a week's time. 3,700+ views, 100+ comments, a 673-11 rating as of this post. I'm in awe, I really am. I would consider the story one of my weaker works as a writer, and not as strong as my other two MLP fics, but somehow it took

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