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This is a rebooted (revised) version of the sequal to my first pony fan fiction.

Day of the Dinos revolves around Paleo Soar and his pet dinosaurs.

Five years have passed since Day of the Dinos. The little hatchlings have finally grown up and are starting to feel the time gap between their time and the ponies' time. They start to feel misplaced and rampage due to their primal needs and inner demons. Now a father and friends must now either to put an end to this peacefully and find a solution or grimly end their terror.

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Sequal to Dawn of the Dinos. This takes place four years in the future where the hatchlings have finally grown up but they have inner demons that are now starting to show. having so much pain from being born 65 million years too late go on a primal rampage. during the chaos the cutie mark crusaders get trapped in a town abandoned and is ruled over by dinosaurs. and now their father must put a tragic end to their regin of terror.

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This is a sequal to my best friend's fan fic day and night http://www.fimfiction.net/story/10674/Day-and-Night
This stars my OC pony Paleo Soar, Equestria's top scientest and only Paleontologist. A Unicorn. He was a colt prodigy and taught Twilight Sparkle about the wonderous animals known as dinosaurs. He is very gifted in the use of ice magic and has been trying to develop a new kind of magic known as Paleo Magic which allows him to grow wings of a pteranodon soar in the clouds. He has three pets A baby tyrannosaurus, a baby triceratops, and a baby pteranodon.

For those who are Kamen Rider OOO fans this character and his pets are an homage to PuToTyra and see if you can guess the other Kamen Rider homage.

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