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In an ongoing war against the ever-persisting changeling threat, Twilight Sparkle grows ever desperate to rid herself, her closest friends, and Equestria of Chrysalis and her army for good. Confiding in her friend Rainbow Dash that she feels as though all of their efforts have been for naught, begins to consider more drastic measures.

Rainbow, out of concern, and love her longtime friend, persuades her out of it, but after a day of fun between the two ends in tragedy, and after receiving a threatening visit from Chrysalis herself in the dead of night, Twilight finds herself with seemingly no other options but to open herself up to dark magic.

From there, things only get worse.

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(A spin-off of Winds of the Past. Reading that isn't necessary to understand this one, and operates almost entirely separately from the aforementioned.)

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A lot happened to Twilight Sparkle the year before she made the transition to Ponyville, before she realized the value of a friend, and before she saved all of Equestria...

After a chance encounter with "Rainbow:" an enigmatic, amnesiac pegasus mare with a rainbow-striped mane and a knack for mischief, Twilight begrudgingly finds herself overseeing her recovery, all while questions keep surfacing. Like who is she? Where did she come from? And more importantly... why can't she get her off of her mind?

As days turn to weeks, and weeks turn to months, destinies are revealed and the past is dug up as Rainbow's memories begin to resurface; and as sinister forces set their sights on Equestria, Twilight and Rainbow find they must overcome themselves in order to become the heroes they are meant to be.

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Sequel officially now in progress exclusively (for the time being anyway) over on my patreon.
Check out the sneak preview here.

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After befriending the other ponies and dealing with Nightmare Moon, Twilight's finally getting used to life in Ponyville, but there's still one thing she's curious about: why does Rainbow Dash have a rainbow-colored mane? Unable to come up with a logical reason as to why, but figuring the other ponies might know something, she embarks on a journey to learn the origins of Dash's rainbow hair.

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