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Sweetie Belle comes home from school in tears after an encounter with local bullies, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Rarity tries to help by telling her little sister about how she was bullied back she was a filly and with a little help from a friend, she was able to stand up for herself.

Special thanks to The Rated Ponystar for helping me come up with this idea.

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Where was Spike in all the times Twilight and the others were off having adventures? This will tell it all. This story consists of a bunch of one shots of what Spike was up to in the episodes where he was absent.

Chapters (19)

Discord tries to prove to everyone that he has reformed by doing good deeds all throughout Ponyville. Some are grateful for what he has done, but others still think he's evil. But when Sweetie Belle runs into trouble, Discord goes off to help her.

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Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle are concerned when they see Scootaloo upset after hearing that some royal guards got injured during a war that's going on. Scootaloo soon admits that her father is one of the guards in that war and she talks about how much she misses him and how she wants him home. One day, her wish comes true.
This story is based on the image "Surprise, Scootaloo" by THAT1ANDONLY at Devaintart. I would like to thank him for letting me use his drawing as my inspiration.
Link: http://that1andonly.deviantart.com/art/Surprise-Scootaloo-347308063

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Discord has once again escaped from his stone prison, with a little help from the Diamond Dogs, and sets out to get his revenge on the mane six. His plan involves kidnapping the Cutie Mark Crusaders and holding them for ransom in exchange for the Elements of Harmony. Now Twilight and her friends must think of a way to rescue the Crusaders without handing Discord the one thing that can stop him.
(Note: This story can also be found on fanfiction.net under the name panther23)

Chapters (7)

Twilight Sparkle wakes up one morning to discover that something strange is going on. Every pony she meets gets angry or shows hatred towards her for no reason. Twilight soon realizes that this all part of some big revenge plot created by an old foe of hers.

Chapters (1)
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