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Blazing Justice

"Uh... What did you say?" "I said your wife is dead." The tax collector says, "I came to burn your house and dance on her corpse." I give this some thought, "...Okay! Right this way..."


I'm So Lazy · 12:29pm Feb 13th, 2014

My laziness on a scale of 1 -10: 8

Why? Well, my science fair poster is due tomorrow, and I just started last night, and I haven't even tried to write for any of the stories I have planned. All my energy goes down the drain when I play League of Legends ( Friend me, I'm HypeDovah), or anything else time-consuming. I feel bad, leaving my story alone for 5-6 months. I'll try to get into a routine, trust me.

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New Update Schedule for Misadventures · 2:44pm Nov 28th, 2013

For those who are concerned and/or upset about my lazy update releases, here is a schedule that I hope to follow.

Sunday: New Chapter

Monday: No Chapter. This is to let people read the new chapter.

Tuesday: New Chapter

Wednesday: No Chapter

Thursday: New Chapter

Friday: No Chapter

Saturday: New Chapter

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Update · 11:58am Nov 7th, 2013

Next chapter coming out soon. The first was deleted due to bad reviews, so I'm trying again. I'm really sorry for the wait, for I had trouble finding inspiration and stuff.

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Well, this sucks. · 3:43am Oct 27th, 2013

I was sitting around a campfire, and my outlines for the story got burned when I was writing. Beautiful. So, time to start over. All the relationships, everything. So, I am writing anew, and you know nothing! HA! But seriously, I'm bummed.

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