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The Canadian Patriot

I am a Canadian Nationalist, militarist, Monarchist, and Patriot.

Goals and Milestones

[ ] 1 Featured Fic
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[ x ] Go to a brony convention.
[ x ] Own a piece of pony merch.
[ x ] Meet a fellow brony offline.

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Head over to alaricdragon to talk I've started a conversation over there

I think we need to talk.

I'm an American patriot and currently serving in the USAF. I figure we have similar ideals when it comes to militaristic action and maybe I'll see you on a joint task force. Who knows? Regardless, have a good one and stay safe!

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Fire and Iron Chapter Update · 1:35am Jun 29th, 2015

I know that almost no one is going to care, but in the slim chance that someone might I'm happy to say that "Fire and Iron" will hopefully have a new chapter before Saturday. For the next few days I will make sure I finish the Chapter by Wednesday, hound my editor to get through it on Thursday, and upload it on Friday. Be aware, on Saturday I will be leaving for six weeks for a Youth Military Training Course. During that time I will have no access to the internet or my laptop to write, so

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Report The Canadian Patriot · 123 views · Story: Fire and Iron · #Update
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