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Red Heart

Hey Hey Hey!Im an Alicorn!My CM is 5 hearts in a zigZag pattern,All smaller than the other.I have a Draw Something2 Account so if you have one,Please check me out!I am Fairly New on Here....BYE!^.^


Im the Princess of Mount GreenLeaf. · 11:08pm Sep 11th, 2013

"I HATE YOU!"I said.
"Well of course you do,Im the Protecter of nightmares.And As my daughter,I want you to take my place." Erissa said with an evil grin.I Stormed out of the Castle,and into the town of Mount GreenLeaf.
'Nopony is out here.AGAIN.'I Thought.Since Erissa was her mother,the whole town thought I Was evil.I had Nopony at her side,Only My father,as a Filly.

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