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Writing in Equestria is not always first nature --- maybe because hooves cannot easily hold a pencil, let alone write words coherently. This does not mean, however, that they do not create art, and dream poetry.

This is a written collection taken from the minds of ponies, revealing their deepest thoughts, their darkest desires, and all the things one cannot always reveal in prose alone.

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The Apple Family has a long history for growing the best apples in Equestria. The family lines are spread throughout every city and village under Celestia's rule. This, however, is not by chance. Celestia herself has ensured every place must have an Apple.

And some Apple Trees.


A one-shot of an idea I had last night; just had to get it out there.

If anyone wants to take this idea and run with it, feel free; who knows, maybe it's already out there. I'm not really good at writing full stories, so I'd love to see someone else take a stab at this. BUT, I'd like if you could link me your attempts, if possible :)

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Love finds a way, no matter if you travel the world or you sit at home on your computer all day and night. This is still true for Button Mash, who, despite protest against it, has a crush on a little mare named Sweetie Belle; and Sweetie Belle likes him back.

But sometimes, young love can't handle the changes that come with time. It's at those times that one must fall back on their friends.

Credit to JanAnimations for Button Mash/his mom/Minecraft adventures
Credit to askprincessmolestia for ideas about Gamer Luna

Though the Gamer Luna is just for the idea, Celestia's still the same, and Derpy won't be present. If I end up having any "risque" scenes I don't find "fitting", I'll probably make a separate fic, because at the moment I don't know if I will or not.

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Derpy Hooves has never been like all the other ponies; whether it be her eyes, her expression, or just her nature of making mistakes, she is well-known throughout all of Ponyville. Eventually, everyone in Ponyville called her Derpy Hooves, or Ditzy Doo, due to her derpy nature. She was accepted as the pony who made mistakes and couldn't really be changed, and everyone tolerated her with a hefty sigh.

Though everyone saw this mare as happy and care-free, inside she felt guilt for all the things she did wrong. Comments about her mistakes, and especially about her physical inadequacies, hurt her a lot more than she let on. In the end, there was only one escape for this little mare. The only place she ever actually belonged.

The place her cutie mark came from.

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