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I like stories, I like My Little Pony, this is the result.


Request for Awesome Art · 9:50pm Aug 10th, 2014

Help: I need art for Twilight's Song because, let's face it, artwork makes a story 20X more interesting.

Any suggestions?

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Breaking the Wall · 3:39pm Jun 25th, 2014

I finally cured my writer's block! Only took three months, but if George R.R. Martin can do it, then it should totally be fine.

Also, Journal of a Regular Pony is on hiatus.

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New Ideas · 7:32pm Jun 1st, 2014

I uploaded a new story, and there will most likely be more fascinating reads in the future. All of them in no way related, like at all. They're just ideas that have been floating around for a while and I figure I should at least get them "out there" so that the lovely people of FIMFiction can enjoy them. Or maybe I just want to feel like I wrote something. Probably the latter, but you catch my drift.

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Happy Easter! · 4:23pm Apr 20th, 2014

Happy Easter everyone! Hopefully Spring will actually happen, maybe some warm weather will float our way, yeah?


The writing is going well, some new chapters, maybe a new story? Course, that would require actually writing the story. But hey, I can do it.


Anyways, you all have a nice Easter. Eat some food, drink some drinks, maybe celebrate with your family or by yourself. However it goes, I hope it is the best for you.

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Dandy · 4:42am Jan 11th, 2014

So I'm sitting here listening to Snow (Hey Oh) and daydreaming about really cool story ideas. Maybe they will turn into actual writing? Probably. In the meantime, What a Mare Needs will have an update. I don't know when - inspiration has to strike and all that - but it should be rather interesting. Anyways, be prepared for some interesting happenings down the road!

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