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Golden Horseshoes returns to his hometown of Fillydelphia. There he joins the largest boxing circuit in all of Equestria to become champion. He will face great challenges as he meets unique foes and allies. Does he have what it takes?

Cover Art commissioned from WickedSilly
First Chapter Co-Written by Cambiato
Snap Art helped with Characters Snap Art
First Chapter Preread by BlackDenimCap , SilverKaizoku , Thunderbolt Sentinel and Pyruoo.

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Collab with Snap Art

"In the Land of Equestria where love and tolerance roam. Or is supposed to roam, for now an ancient evil threat that was thought to have been defeated a millennia ago has awoken and sworn vengeance. Three ponies will discover their destiny in the process.

Can they protect Equestria? Can they stop this ancient evil? You'll have to read the exciting adventure of The Power Rangers: Virtue!

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Shaun Bass was a kid with a temper and will to stand up for his friends. One day as Shaun is being scolded his world ends. Well for Shaun it does. A voice gives Shaun one wish and so he decides to go to Equestria. Shaun decides to go to Equestria there he will meet many strange ponys, bronies and various other creatures. He does not know he and his friends are mere pawns in a greater scheme of an evil being.

Chapters (65)
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