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an amateur writter and brony(with a hint of otaku here and there.)

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Anypony always have things to think, things that don't leave them alone. Nidra, the daughter of the princess of the moon, has those kinds of thoughts some days.

Who would have thought that the one who would help her would be the one scared of her wings?

Written for the Kilala97 Fan Works Fun Fact Contest.

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A snip I made for a contest a few years ago.

Lyra wants hands, but she will find something else along the way... More exactly, that magic is unpredictable.

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Twilight has had dreams about another world; one filled with magic.

One that was doomed by the magic.

Wih some memories, Twilight and other ponies must unravel the thruth of why they are alive in Equestria, while fighting creatures made of despair.

The way of a Puella Magi won't be despair anymore.

The past never forgets, but the future can change...

Puella Magi/MLP crossover, set after The Rebellion movie and after some undefined time in S4.

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fanmade sequel to "Story of the Blanks". after Apple Bloom escaped the Blood Hooves, she brought something with her. Ruby, the ghost, is now inside of her. with her, nightmares related to the creepy "Sunny Town" appeared in the poor filly's head...

but they were nothing, compared with the danger that loomed now from the Everfree Forest.

now, Apple Bloom and Twilight, along with Applejack, will go to Sunny Town, defeat the Blood Hooves... and discover what happened eight years ago, with the Apple parents.

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