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Money. Mares. Talent. Fame. In Stable 124, Shinning Star had it all. He lives under his stage name, Royal Flush, because he finds stars to be distant, intangible, almost non-existent, and doesn't want himself to be seen as such.

When he is chased out of his Stable, denied his luxurious life, and forced to survive in the Wasteland, he learns that the world doesn't revolve around him. A guilty conscious drives him to strive to rebuild a town, a charismatic heart gains him friend and companions, and the revelation of a dark history makes him fear the monster that appears to be haunting him.

And throughout it all, he learns that the stars are anything but intangible.

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When a single man destroys his life, Sol vows revenge. but when his revenge is complete, he finds himself in Equestria, and he begins to question if revenge was really what he needed. After meeting the Cutie Mark Crusaders deep in the Everfree Forest, Sol finds himself trapped in Equestria, but with no motivation to return to the Earth he left behind.

This story take place far in Earth's Future.

(First Fan-fiction, so hit me with all the constructive critisizm you can.)

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