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Looking for advice · 3:04am Oct 7th, 2019

Okay... I have no idea how to word this so I'll just say it. I'm bloody lonely. I've tried dating sites, and the like but... nothing; No real connection of any kind. I won't deny my own faults in the slightest. I'm anti social, and that's a big killer. I hate it when random people(or even co-workers) come up and start random conversations with me. I'm a cynical grump. I admit there is some fear. Fear of rejection, fear that she's just going to turn around and claim "Sexual or Domestic abuse"

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Oh my. I actually have the money and time to go to a convention! EverFree Northwest to be specific. Here's hoping I get to meet some awesome people(and that I don't get shot at).

To everyone who loved the fic: Twilight Sparkle Listens to Sabaton. It's banned...on this site. You can still see it on FanFiction.net and, while I am still making my currently ongoing fic: Lost Loyalty the priority, I will make a segual series: Equestria listens to Sabaton, that I will update occasionally until Lost Loyalty is finished. At which point, Equestria listens to Sabaton will inherit priority.

Thanks for adding Into the Black to your best reads category! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for adding The Right Man in the Wrong Place to your best reads category! :twilightsmile:

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