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New Project · 4:25pm Last Friday

Wassup everyone?

So lately I've gotten my mitts on a new project, And I genuinely am excited to see it to fruition. I've always been a gun dude, So lately I've gotten me hands on a new AK kit! Sure I already own a Kalash, but I wanted to make another for the longest time. Sure, making ARs is fun, but there's no challenge. Mill out slot A, Insert parts B - E, blah, blah, blah. It's a bloody lego set. Whoop-di-fuckin-doo. I can do that crap in my sleep.

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You just seem like a chill pone :rainbowdetermined2:

Might I ask why you invited me there?

Oh my. I actually have the money and time to go to a convention! EverFree Northwest to be specific. Here's hoping I get to meet some awesome people(and that I don't get shot at).

To everyone who loved the fic: Twilight Sparkle Listens to Sabaton. It's banned...on this site. You can still see it on FanFiction.net and, while I am still making my currently ongoing fic: Lost Loyalty the priority, I will make a segual series: Equestria listens to Sabaton, that I will update occasionally until Lost Loyalty is finished. At which point, Equestria listens to Sabaton will inherit priority.

  • Viewing 14 - 18 of 18
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