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After being accidentally awakened from his 800-year-old prison, the loyal servant of one of the most evil creatures to ever roam Equestria returns to seek vengeance and reunite with his fallen Mistress. To accomplish this, he creates a small army out of the purest of jewels to scout the land in search for his Mistress's prison and to cause as much chaos in their wake, all the while he gathers a second army of every lowlife in Equestria.

Unfortunately six members of this little army ends up being captured in the most unlikeliest of places, now, the Gemnites find themselves living under the watchful eyes of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, only to be conflicted by their intended purpose and the bonds they begin to develop. Are they merely tools for madness destined to bring back a great evil to Equestria, or are they living creatures with their own souls and choices?

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to A Gizmonk in Ponyville

After Goggles creates a new device to allow him to travel between dimensions, an accident soon occurs that causes him along with his new creation, Blue Lightning the Pony-Droid, to become trapped in an a strange new world with no way of getting back. Now in a strange new form with little to no memories of his past due to suffering amnesia , Goggles' only method of surviving now is to adapt to his new surroundings and learn how this new world works, from it's technology to it's residents. And with the help of Blue Lightning and the first human 'friends' he encounters, the Dazzlings, Goggles soon finds himself being wrapped up in a weird turn of events that eventually leads him to a big Battle of the Bands.

Chapters (6)

When Apple Bloom discovers a strange creature injured in the Everfree Forest, it isn't long before the creature follows her home and the Apple Family end up playing host to a new house-guest in the form of a mischievous, yet highly intelligent Gizmonk named Goggles.

NOTE: Set between the events of Season 4

Chapters (40)

When a pirate named Captain Jack Silver steals the Elements of Harmony and kidnaps the Cutie Mark Crusaders, it's up to Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six who now must take to the high seas in order to get them back. When the Mane Six finally find them, they all soon find themselves joining Jack and his crew on a swashbuckling adventure filled with challenging spirits, terrible storms and demonic pirates, all of which act as obstacles that stand in their way of finding the SEVENTH Element of Harmony.

Chapters (18)
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