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Top three! · 11:29pm Aug 5th, 2014

Holy begeezus!

I'm now in the top-three of most followed people on fimfiction! :pinkiehappy: (at least until people inevitably unfollow me to shit on my happiness)

That's awesome!

I have more followers than the people that run the damn place :pinkiecrazy:

And I will never forget how I got here! With incest, foalcon, beastiality, and 'My Little Pony: Stockholm Syndrome is Magic - The Fanfiction'. :pinkiecrazy:

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Why Pinkie Pie Smiles reading · 4:32am Feb 19th, 2014

Random favorites and comments on one of my first fics start popping up in my notifications.

I found the source!

Someone did a reading of Why Pinkie Pie Smiles and didn't goddamn tell me.

It's over here

Or you can just listen to it right in this window:

Apparently he did a good job!

Feed me more tears :pinkiecrazy:

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'Popular' Pegasus! · 9:42pm Feb 2nd, 2014



Maybe you aint all adding that up. That's 2000 more than 1000! That's 2999 more than 1! That's a huge number!

And all for some nobody from Australia who writes random bits of pony and pony paraphernalia.

So thanks to all of you for having no common sense and actually following me! :twilightsmile:

In celebration, here's a picture of Swarm that Iakovl got for me

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In soviet Russia · 8:03pm Dec 27th, 2013

Changeling loves you! (?)

I dunno. I suck at the juxtaposition joke!

Buuuut, This guy, Kaze_No_Saga, is, he tells me, a professional translator with years of experience.

And he is currently translating An Affliction of the Heart into Russian.

It's over here, and for some reason... pony stuff seems to be pretty big in Russia!

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A clarification concerning Warden, Swarm, and Kuno · 11:21am May 10th, 2013

Old Swarm, that is.

I'm writing up the 'lost' chapter right now, which is marked adult, and is based basically on sex. A lot of people just won't read it because, well, it's clop. I understand that, and I don't want to deprive said readers of a little nugget of information that was omitted in the original two stories due to deficiencies in my writing style. In other words, I forgot.

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