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me vs. anon vs. anon about: Background Pony! · 9:45pm Apr 26th, 2018

(tl;dr, scroll to the bottom!)
So I'm on a certain well-lived thread on a certain imageboard, and find myself typing thoughtfully. Then I catch myself. Am I truly anonymous if I post this? No, I'm part of the demographic of "people who praise SS&E shamelessly".

Yes, in my mind, we SS&E fanboys are absolutely a statistically relevant population, and can be subject to socio-economic study. :trollestia:

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Avatars are important! · 7:42am Mar 8th, 2017

I've noticed something about user avatars. Here, and on forum websites elsewhere. Specifically with really cool, spicy avatars that make me laugh, or sigh and say: "nice."

It's this: I get jealous. And I want it.

Was it their intention to make me jealous by having an avatar that completely complements every post they make on the site? I dunno.

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[generic adult romance fantasy] · 10:53am Jan 8th, 2016

I'm currently writing down the two generic adult fantasies that I had as a high school student! I'm 23 years old, so this is more of an artistic experiment for me than anything else.
It's going well, I think; I already have 40 lines. (I tend to be the most productive writing in a plaintext editor, though, so there's no easy word count!)
They will be 2nd person and minimalistic. I'm aiming for them to read as pretty generic - the stories' only characters are "you" and "her" -

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