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A former Australian FIMfiction author. I like to write stories, be they good or bad. I always have an idea in my head just waiting to be used. I love to write and will continue to do so.


The day had finally come.

Tempest was ready to return to her village, or so she seemed to be; but deep down she was frightened, afraid of the faces that would recognize her, uncertain if anypony she knew had remained, all the while sharing a similar pain with Starlight Glimmer. And now, only meters away from turning over a new leaf, Tempest falters, and leaves Starlight to help her find her courage to move forward.

Literally wrote this in three hours. I'm pretty proud of it to be honest.

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Alone during Hearths Warming Eve, Ocean Blue is content to stay in her little box between two buildings, when she spies Sweetie Belle and her friends walking past her ally. Curious she follows only to sink into her dejection and close herself up.

With the help of a Unicorn, Lily, Ocean grows to leave her box and rejoin the world she once wished to abandon.

Couldn't find a good cover image, and didn't have time to make one, so I opted for a stock one from the series. I wanted to let you all know that in case you thought this story was about these ponies.

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This story is a sequel to A Mother's Warmth

The night is long, it can be dark and cold with only the slight comfort of the moons light and the stars shine. Tonight, Nyx is unable to find her footing in the realm of dreams, she reads books and drinks milk but tonight she can't seem to sleep. And what a beautiful night to lose some sleep over.

Written mostly out of my own frustrations involving my lack of active writing this year, and the sloth that has filled my life the last few months prior to this fics publishing.

Warning: POV shift toward the end, and I have a reason I will not divulge for fear of spoilers. You're all smart, try to think about how our narrator knew all this was happening. :raritywink:

Based on the characters by Pen Stroke
Cover art by - shelbythehedgehog112
Edited by - Kirito-Persona

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Two-hundred and thirty five years since the Mega-spell holocaust decimated Equestria, and it was only a great few years before that a horrible atrocity had sparked the inferno of war, it was that atrocity that has often times nagged at Junction Town resident ghoul and trader, Ditzy Doo.

Thirty five years following the Neighvarro incident, having read an old book on ancient Equestrian customs and culture, and with a special day fast approaching, Ditzy prepares for the week long journey to Ponyville, now a Hellhound Sanctuary, alone on a pilgrimage two centuries in waiting.

Credit for the characters and gadgets of Fallout: Equestria goes to - Kkat
Pre-read and edited by - Word Worthy
Cover Art by - shelbythehedgehog112

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This story is a sequel to Tears in the Snow

Four years since the long night, Nyx, now at the age of nine has been hearing voices calling her name at night, a looming shadow from her armor, a sense of dread hanging over her like a dark cloud. Nyx could feel the magic in her horn pulsating with a new aura, merging and fighting for control.

Suddenly afraid of darkness and of the presence that plagues her at night, the laughter of a specter that seemed to take pleasure in her torment, devours her dreams and fears. The mirrors themselves show a different face, and her friends have no way to help her.

Unwilling to bring this to Twilight, Nyx must battle with Equestria's darkest evil if she is to remain who she is, when two souls clash there can be only one to inherit the body, and Nyx is not ready to give herself up to Nightmare Moon.

Originally a midequal to Into the Beginning: The Life of Writing Glory with a different story completed before hand. This is the second version of this story, changed to fit the Tears in the Snow canon. This story was started on the 11th of October 2013.

Nyx was created by - Pen Stroke
Preread and edited by - Word Worthy
All rights to the cover art belong to Sweetie97.

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It is winter in the Undiscovered West. Nopony has ever set hoof in this westerly region of green forest and animal homes. It is also the home of Meadow, a young fawn plagued by dreams of ponies and beliefs of a spirit from his mothers stories. As winter becomes harsh and the danger of being hunted increase, Meadow starts to see the entity of countless folk stories, a spirit, blind with a coat of white, her every step cold as ice and her mane flowing with the stars of wishes and freeze.

Snowdrop is a character from the Snowdrop fan-animation and was created by Meredith Sims of Silly Filly Studios
Edited by: Word Worthy
Cover Art by: shelbythehedgehog112

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Having just returned from Starlight's village, Twilight and her friends set about salvaging what they could from the Golden Oak Library with sparsely any success. A few books here, a mannequin there. And with luck, a few reminders of the past can be re-discovered beneath the broken boards and fallen branches.

It is on this salvage that Twilight and her friends discover the doll Nyx had kept since her days of darkness had been less fortunate then most of her other belongings. Afraid of upsetting Nyx, Twilight requests Rarity's help, only things don't go quite as planned and Rarity ends up having to remake it from scratch.

So this story got mentioned in one of Pen Strokes newest Past Sins Sequel, Glimpses, There are no words that describe my joy at this. I thank him again for creating Nyx and Past Sins, and for being a splendid fellow.

Nyx and Gray Gale were created by: Pen Stroke
Pre-read and edited by: Word Worthy
Cover art by: shelbythehedgehog112

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A warm summer afternoon's breeze blows through the clouds and feathers of the one and only Rainbow Dash. Everyday for the past five years she has watched the sunset, and flown in its light. She is to attend a party soon, to celebrate the Tantabus' defeat, but not before flying in day's last light.

Story is heavily dialogue based.

Cover art used with permission from Queen-KittyKat.

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It is the middle of winter, it was cold that day, but that night was even colder. Freezing in her bed at night, Nyx seeks out the warmth of one who has always been there to love and comfort her. Winter is a season of rest, as Nyx is about to learn, though cold and as harsh as a Windigo's call, it can be a beautiful, and wonderful time of year.

Cover art by the lovely and talented, TealessTea.
Nyx is a character created by Pen Stroke.
Short story, intended to show just a small moment in Nyx's life.

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This story is a sequel to Maud and the Mountain

After bringing samples of Mount Canterhorn to Celestia, Maud Pie returns to Ponyville to relax with her sister, Pinkie Pie. However, Smokey Mountain has started to smoke yet again, but the cause is as mysterious as its happening.

While the citizens of Ponyville are preparing for the Moonlight Ball to be held within Friendship Castle, the princess of friendship herself tasks Maud with going up to the mountain and bringing back anything that could determine the cause, leading to another trip up another mountain, followed by another series of monologues.

Big thanks to Izanagi for letting me write the sequel.
Massive thanks to Fourpony for helping me out with a heap of very much needed fixes.
Reading the prequel is highly recommended.

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