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A extremely intelligent 12 year old filly is forced to fly and control a Lunar Fleet space carrier, alone, after the passing of her parents and the crew of the ship. Her age, gender, and small size often overlook her extraordinary skills of flying a decent sized carrier. However, the Lunar Republic may be able to use her in yet another war with the Solar Empire, only 8 years after the revolution that split them apart. It all starts with a daring rescue that puts a Lunar squadron in her rather lonely environment.

Lily Pond (Captain Invictus as she calls herself) will have to accept her past and go above and beyond her limits to possibly help save a lost cause.

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The story takes place in modern Manehattan. The main character, Will Writ, grew up around his fathers software company, Delta. When his father dies, instead of his companies potential going to his young son, the business is bought and turned into a multi-billion dollar corporation. Will is totally forgotten as the son of the maker, and is left as a technician. He decides to leave, instead tending to his pregnant girlfriend. His life goes down hill, becoming a college drop out, and living in his fathers old building. One day though, he finds a way to use his skill to sabotage one of the companies new projects. That is, until someone else has the same plan.

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