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I owe these Ponies more than I can say. I write to tell their stories and to spend time with them. I wonder if the people who produce the show appreciate what they've done?

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Without giving it away...have you ever tried to find a present for someone that tells them how much you love them? A present that is truly from your heart? You would somehow find a way to pay for it if only your heart would tell you what it was...

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So what is the truth about MLP:FiM? Several years ago, the Equestrian Historical Society, having decided that the adventures of the Mane 6 must be preserved on film for the sake of posterity commissioned a creative team to have the girls re-enact all their most important adventures in friendship. Those adventures would be broken down into half hour episodes and shown in theaters throughout Equestria. In the summers, when not shooting the show they do command performances, do summer stock, etc. Throughout all this, they still have to deal with real life, which will later be filmed and added for the next season. As with most things, all is not what it seems.
Oh, and yes they have their fans...

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[Note - I've moved Blackbird to the next story. These two stand on their own. It should be linked at the sequel]Clover the Clever gets ripped from her simple life in the little village where she'd settled after the founding of Equestira when her mentor, Starswirl The Bearded offers her the chance to help care for two tiny abandoned foals. But before he allows her to see them he warns her that the moment she saw them she would set things in motion that would take her away from her life, would destroy her plans and dreams and would forever put her life in great peril. It frightened her enough to say no. Still, one day she secretly followed the old unicorn into the cave that led into the side of the mountain, just to get one little look...

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Ahhh, Twilight's coronation...
C'mon - at every big event (and believe me this was BIG!) you know a lot of little things happen. There are a million stories that came out of Twilight's coronation (ponies are still talking about it - let's face it...). Some tales are true, some not. Part of this story can be verified in the Canterlot Archives, the rest came straight from those involved, though there is some disagreement among them as to what exactly happened under that willow tree...

So what things are in this story?
Some sweet things and some funny things and...
some hot things.
(...and some hot wings)

"I can say no more..."
-Paul McHoofney,
The Hoofbeatles. HOOF!

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