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After sealing himself within the library Atlair is left with only himself, and his thoughts. As his vision fades his mind wanders throughout his memories. Although he has few regrets, and experienced tragedies no man should go though he has strived to live and serve. He is not proud to have ended the lives of his fellow man, but for the sake of the innocent his creed pushed him to serve the innocent and protect The Holy Land from invaders.

Life slowly fleeing from him, warmth long ago abandoned him, weakened and weary his breaths are dwindling. Grasping the Memory Seal he makes his last prayer before his grip on the slate is lost. Blinded by the coming fog he silently awaits the embrace of death, but at his final hour the mystical artefact glows. And from the glow a power of unknown proportion is activated, and released. Unknowingly Altair is transported from his library and awakens in a whole new world.

The power of the artefact has mystically changed the Master from a dying old man to a healthy younger pony. Quickly adapting to his new body he explores, and operates among the people in secret. At first glance it seems that the skills that Altair has obtained throughout his years will not be needed in the peaceful Kingdom, but as he continues his investigation he slowly uncovers that greed, and corruption is within the hearts of a select few Ponies in power. Without anyone else knowing the truth he embarks on a secret crusade against the corrupted branches of Society and The Government.

With little to no allies, and many enemies it all seems impossible, but his will prevails.


So, what can a person who's hyped up on coffee and is tired as to all hell can write? Well, quite a lot of words were written so there's quantity... but the quality? No idea, eh.

Oh hey, I has a vunderful editor now, eh. Firestreak2018 is such a beast and is totally better than me when it comes to writing and editing, eh.

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